Who is Kailee Caruso?

Kailee is a Program Administrator who works directly with youth experiencing homelessness in LA County. She is experienced in implementing sustainable, community-based programs to alleviate the crisis of housing insecurity and promote public safety, public health, and economic growth for all.


Kailee holds a Masters degree in Public Policy from Cal State Long Beach.


She is a mother to three young boys, a PTA Board Member, on the School Site Council, and a community organizer with groups including Show Up for Racial Justice Long Beach.


She believes that there are real attainable solutions for Long Beach. We have an opportunity to elect a courageous champion that will make data backed policy shifts that will benefit our community and Long Beach for decades. In four years she wants to be talking with other city leaders state wide about how Long Beach has set a precedent for sustainable solutions to our top priorities that other cities will want to mirror. 

Kailee is endorsed by Long Beach Young Democrats. Yes We Can Democratic Club, Resister Sisters, Women of Long Beach PAC and The Knock LA Los Angeles Progressive Voter Guide for the June 2022 Primary Election





I am the only candidate in District 3 who has direct experience working with the challenge of homelessness facing our city.  I know this is one of the top concerns of the residents of District 3 and all of Long Beach, and I understand the complexity of this issue.

First, we must not generalize the circumstances of people experiencing homelessness and housing instability here in Long Beach. Youth, adults, and families face different barriers and require different resources. Our neighbors experiencing homelessness must not criminalized or viewed as a threat.  The pandemic has tragically reminded us that many families are just a paycheck away from housing insecurity. 

I know how to assess and implement programs that allow folks to secure a steady job, save money, and build credit, while accessing housing assistance programs, life skills workshops, and mental health resources.

Further, we must create systems for the long-term prevention of homelessness.  For example, establishing a Department of Mental Health in Long Beach would bring funding, resources, jobs, improve mental health outcomes for generations, and drastically impact public safety for everyone.


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