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About Kailee

Kailee first arrived in Long Beach in 2001 to pursue an education at Cal State Long Beach. Like so many others, she was immediately drawn in by Long Beach’s small town beach feel and expansive cultural diversity. Having grown up in a family with a strong sense of community service (Mom a Spanish and English teacher and Dad a pastor at a local church), Kailee deeply appreciated the sense of community that Long Beach had to offer. Kailee graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and subsequently earned a Master’s degree in Policy and Public Administration from Cal State Long Beach in 2019. 


Kailee has been employed in the social services field in Orange County and LA County for ten years advocating for communities, most recently as a Program Administrator working directly with adults, youth, and young families experiencing homelessness. Kailee is experienced in implementing short-term sustainable, community-based programs and resources to alleviate the crisis of housing insecurity and promote public safety, public health, quality of life and economic growth for all.


As mother to three boys, a renter, a community advocate, and volunteer Kailee has a deep understanding of how housing insecurity, public safety, public health, and economic constraints impact our quality of life and businesses. 


There is no incumbent in this race. District 3 voters have a real choice. Kailee is running to bring fresh ideas, forward-thinking leadership and a track record for working collaboratively to get things done. Kailee embraces Democratic values and appreciates strong support from current local elected officials, labor unions, community-based organizations, business owners and votersKailee looks forward to engaging all stakeholders in crafting the policies that will guide progress in District 3 and throughout the city of Long Beach. 

As the only Democrat endorsed candidate in this race, Kailee has the courage and leadership to be the champion for the people of Long Beach. She values transparency, accountability, and utilizing the city budget in a financially responsible manner. 


Kailee has overcome challenges and courageously fought for herself and her family. She will do the same for each of you in City Hall. You will have a voice and seat at the table. Kailee believes there are changes within our reach that can benefit our District 3 community and Long Beach for decades to come. She envisions a future where Long Beach’s precedent-setting, sustainable solutions will stand as a model to other cities. 

Long Beach is undergoing a moment of political rejuvenation that will determine the direction of the city for the next decade. We have new districts; we will have new local, state and federal leadership, and we have new issues that we must address. Kailee is equipped to work with our tenured officials to build a consensus on how to address current concerns and move Long Beach forward. She is the candidate who will bring a fresh perspective to generational issues, and the one who has a history of providing practical solutions to our toughest challenges.




Kailee has a decade of experience providing hands-on assistance to folks experiencing housing insecurity, mental health challenges and substance dependancy. She is committed to a data-driven approach to improve short-term outcomes by providing resources to generate immediate safety, while working with the non-profit sector to develop long-term policy that would be preventative. This will include investing in project home/room key, a consistent REACH team in District 3 to build relationships and ensure day to day safety, better data collection practices to determine what services and resources are working, and greater transparency regarding where homelessness resources are being spent.


Kailee is Pro-Public Safety. The primary function of government is to keep residents safe. Kailee believes in fostering a culture of community safety which prioritizes neighborhood safety and includes traffic safety, housing, businesses, education, jobs, and climate resiliency while not overextending our police department and firefighters so they can respond quickly to emergencies. Our community is experiencing a gap with recruitment and retention for police, firefighters, paramedics, teachers, healthcare workers, and 911 emergency dispatchers, with increased overtime, burnout and exhaustion. We need a leader who can ensure immediate support. Kailee would expand the public safety framework to include more social workers to deal with non-violent complaints, implementing non-emergency crisis intervention in mental health related incidents as well as increased resources for the fire department and healthcare workers. We must address the current challenges. It will take time to recruit and build retention, and we must work to preserve residents' and businesses quality of life right now.


Small businesses are the backbone of the 3rd District, and many are still struggling through the effects of the pandemic. Kailee will bring small business owners to the table to name the barriers that are impacting them – whether it is high rent, public safety concerns, the permitting process, or other red tape – and ensure that city policy is directed toward the solutions that businesses actually need.  Kailee is interested in working with local entrepreneurs to not only set up shop, but set down roots, here in District 3 and Long Beach, where they are personally invested in our collective economic success. Kailee will work with the city and business owners to ensure that Covid-19 relief funds are actually getting to the businesses that need them and no corporations taking advantage of the system. Kailee will continue to build relationships with property owners to help make business ownership more achievable and sustainable, while providing tenants for empty storefronts.


Kailee is passionate about mental health care and the positive impacts it will have on our community. Destigmatizing mental health support and ensuring access will benefit everyone, from the children in our community to public servants. Implementing preventative care programs will contribute to the full circle of care that will keep our communities safe and housed for decades.


District 3 is a coastal community, and protecting the environment is a top priority for residents. Kailee will work to preserve and rehabilitate the wetlands to promote greater biodiversity. She will also work to institute greater beach beautification services by acquiring new technology to keep our beaches clean and work with the city for infrastructure that will protect our community from sea level rise. Additionally, Kailee will support
green building requirements in any new commercial development or residential building larger than 4 units.


Housing availability and affordability is the main issue that is causing uncertainty for the people of Long Beach. Kailee is committed to working with labor and the private sector to increase our housing stock responsibly while providing affordable housing options to keep Long Beach residents and workers in our city.




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